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Tree Removal Newcastle

Arborist Newcastle

Newcastle Tree Service Pros offer a full range of tree services Newcastle. We have been in business for several years and we have continually perfected our service delivery. Our skilled experts have a clear objective of providing you with the best services, at an affordable rate. In all the services that we offer like Newcastle Council tree removal, safety is a top priority. We will put all the necessary measures in place so as to ensure that we provide the best services. We take pride in offering our services to both commercial and residential clients, in Newcastle and the surrounding areas.

All our crews are highly trained and have great experience to work in a safe and effective manner. Whichever tree services Newcastle you may be interested in we will be the best company to come to. We will accord your trees the utmost care. We consider trees to be part of your property, and such, we will go the extra mile to ensure that there are no damages to your property. For tree removal Maitland and other tree services, contact us and we will be happy to help you out. Get your free consultation and price estimate today.

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Tree Services Newcastle

When you want your trees to grow in a healthy and safe manner, you need to work closely with a qualified arborist Lake Macquarie. We offer a complete range of tree services Newcastle and we never compromise on the quality of the services. We are known to offer top-notch services at affordable rates.

Here are the services we specialise in:

  • Tree removal Stump grinding
  • Block clearing
  • Tree Trimming
  • Dead tree removal
  • Dangerous tree removal
  • Tree lopping
  • Crown lifting
  • Tree thinning
  • Dead wood removal
  • Storm damage clean up
  • Pruning
  • Emergency tree services

Our intention is to always give you the best tree services, which meet your needs in the best way possible. There is no reason why you should choose unqualified people for tree removal Newcastle NSW; we are here to grant you professional tree care. Safety, efficiency and quality workmanship are critical to every part of the tree services Newcastle that we offer. We have professional and friendly staff members, who ensure that the job is done professionally. All our services are carried out in the safest way possible. We comply with the Australian Standard for tree care and maintenance services.


Tree Removal

We love trees and we know that you also love the trees that are on your property. However, there are instances that will call for palm tree removal Newcastle services. This is usually a safety measure, in most cases, when a tree has become a safety hazard. If you have a tree that has grown old and I decaying or dying, this makes it a serious threat to life and property. You should never wait for the tree to fall on its own as it can be disastrous.

Our Newcastle Council tree removal services are quite comprehensive and we will ensure that your property is safe. There are cases when you may also need to clear an area for development and in this case, you will also need tree removal Newcastle services. We have an experienced team of technicians who are skilled and qualified to remove any type of tree.

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Tree Lopping Newcastle

Tree lopping Newcastle is a service that is critical to the proper growth of trees. This similar to tree trimming services and it is aimed at cutting some parts of the tree branches. There are some issues that can be corrected without necessary cutting down the trees. In any case, tree removal Newcastle is the last resort for us. If there are some limbs that have overgrown and hanging in a dangerous manner, we will use our lopping services to correct this issue. This is a sensitive service and if it is not done properly, it may cause the trees to die.

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Tree Surgeon Newcastle

Our team of experts is led by a certified arborist Newcastle and they will be sure to keep your trees in a healthy and productive manner. Dead wooding and pruning are services that we offer at the same time. This is part of the professional tree care services that we have to offer and it has a pattern that it follows. Pruning trees is not something that should be entrusted to anyone, unless they know the biology of trees. We have the right equipment and indeed, we know the right time when we should prune the trees to improve their growth.

Stump Grinding

When you look around some properties in Newcastle, you will realise that there are stumps that are left behind after Newcastle City Council tree removal. The intention is to have the stumps decay after a while. However, this is dangerous and you cannot afford to wait them out. We know that stump removal is a challenging task for most people and this is why we use stump grinding as an effective alternative. We have powerful grinders that we will use to break down the stumps into wood chips. We will take it all the way below the ground level.

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Arborists Newcastle

How healthy are your trees? Do you them appear as they should be? If they look sickly, do not assume that the only solution is tree removal Newcastle NSW. Allow us to take a look at the trees and we will recommend the best action to take. Our qualified arborist Lake Macquarie has a great understanding of trees and arboriculture. As such, we will be able to diagnose the trees professionally and treat them. This restores the trees to a healthy growth pattern. We always have a solution for all the tree issues that you may be having.

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Tree Care and Maintenance

We offer all tree services Newcastle that you can imagine. In our care and maintenance packages, we will have frequent inspections of the trees. Your trees may start decaying and becoming hazardous without your knowledge. To avoid this, you should allow our tree experts to inspect and evaluate your trees seasonally. This is a great way to save your trees as any issue will be detected in good time, before it becomes too late.

For all our tree services, we take the responsibility of the environment, public and our crews. We will never start any work before establishing that the work site has become safe. Talk to us today for professional tree service consultation and also request for a free price estimate.

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Why Hire Us?

When you ask around or even search the internet, you will discover that there are so many palm tree removal Newcastle companies. However, not everyone knows what needs to be done. Here are some of the reasons why we stand out from our competitors:

Fully Licensed and Insured

We are fully licensed tree experts, which is part of the reason why we have always offered our services without any incidents. We use the highest industry safety standards and all our processes are continually refined. This ensures that we provide our services safely. We are also insured and bonded and as such, you can have peace of mind when we are working on your property. We will treat your property our own and all safety measures will be put in place to prevent any accidents or incidents.

Certified Arborists

Unlike other companies that buy a truck and a chain and claim to offer professional Waratah tree services Newcastle, we are qualified and highly trained. We have a certified arborist Newcastle, with the skills and experience to help take care of your trees. We use the best techniques to ensure that all the work that we do is safe and professional. All our crews are handpicked for their skills and experience.

Modern and Advanced Equipment

We have invested in state of the art equipment and this allows us to offer tree removal Newcastle and other services in a fast and efficient manner. We have powerful grinders and chippers and we can confidently say that we are ready to tackle any job. We replace any equipment that seems to lose its efficiency immediately.

Diverse Tree Services

We are a full service company and we can handle any job, no matter the size. We extend our Newcastle City Council tree removal services to both commercial and business clients. Our services are hassle-free and we will gladly answer all your questions about our services.

Affordable Rates

We have a very clear objective to ensure that we provide all our clients with the best tree services at affordable rates. Our experience, skills and equipment are second to none. Nonetheless, we intend to be the industry leaders in offering cost effective services. Talk to us to get a free quote. We can assure you of the best services are very competitive rates.

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For over a decade, we have been putting together the A-team in the tree removal Newcastle industry. We have invested in modern and advanced equipment and for sure, our results speak volumes. Most our jobs are referrals from clients and this is as a result of the reputation we have built. Call us today and get a free quote for the best tree services Newcastle.